Race-Rite 150 Degree Crimp-on Hose Ends

Fragola’s New “Double-Swivel” Race-Rite, Crimp-on Hose Ends have a Hard Coat Black finish. They feature an enlarged I.D. for improved flow rates and utilize a unique thread-on collar. The collar threads onto the Hose End Body and ensures a concentric crimp every time. And because they are a “Double-Swivel” design, there is no need to worry about clocking them into the proper orientation before crimping.

Race-Rite, 150 Degree, Crimp-on Hose Ends

Size & Part Number

Hose Size Part Number
-4 2615004
-6 2615006
-8 2615008
-10 2615010
-12 2615012
-16 2615016