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10-17 4Runner 2.5 Inch Lift Front and Rear Daystar


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Daystars Comfort Ride Suspension systems are truly Driven by Design. Comfort Ride kits are specially designed to work with stock suspension components to keep costs down and quality high.

High-density Progressive Polyurethane strut and spring spacers act as isolators to combine moderate amounts of lift without losing the comfortable ride you have come to expect.
10-17 4Runner 2.5 Inch Lift Front and Rear
Comfort Ride Suspension System
Lifts Vehicle Without Sacrificing Ride Quality or Load-Carrying Capacity
Increase Vehicle Height/Enhances Performance
No Metal-on-Metal Contact as with Other Leveling Kits
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Includes Front Strut Spacers, Rear Coil Spacers

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