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96-04 Tacoma SAS Kit C 3 Inch HD Leaf Springs 12 Inch Shocks 2.7L 5.29 ARB Locker Trail Gear


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Tacoma SAS Kit C. Trail-Gear is proud to be the first in the industry to develop a series of Tacoma SAS Kits for 1995-2004 Tacomas that are complete, user friendly, and affordable. Trail-Gear has a great respect for the Tacoma and the Tacoma market, so we have dedicated our resources to developing a full line of Tacoma products.

Every Tacoma component in these kits have been engineered for maximum durability and tested using the most advanced engineering technology in the industry. With our full color, in-depth installation instructions, anyone with minimal mechanical and welding skills can install these kits in one or two weekends.

Trail-Gear offers three different Tacoma SAS kits. We feel that offering a selection allows the customer to pick the kit that is best suited and priced for their unique build. All gussets and frame supports are included, so the Tacoma will be much stronger when you finish than it was from the factory.

These kits are built by Tacoma owners, for Tacoma owners. If you have any questions you can call our technical support line with confidence that you will be speaking with a fully trained professional, who will assist you with any questions that you may have during your installation.

If you have a 3.4L engine, you may need to replace your radiator. See steps 116-120 of the instructions for more information. Please note for SAS Kit A with single case applications, a high clearance t-case crossmember is required. Additional oil pan clearance may be required. See our Tacoma SAS Oil Pan Kit for more information.
Kit Includes:

  • Front Spring hanger
  • All spring and shackle bushings
  • Shock Hoops
  • 5125 Bilstein Shocks
  • Frame Tube Jigs
  • Frame Tubes
  • Shackle mount Kit
  • Front Frame Reinforcement Plates With IFS Box Mount Kit Incorporated
  • Steering shaft
  • Steering couplers
  • Fire wall plate
  • Bump stop kit
  • Heavy Duty Front Leaf Springs
  • Front extended brake line
  • Fully loaded left and right calipers
  • Left and right caliper hard lines
  • Vented brake rotors
  • Knuckle service kit with wheel bearings
  • U-bolt flip kit
  • Tacoma high steer kit
  • Fully loaded Six Shooter Knuckle Kit
  • Knuckle hardware
  • 86-88 IFS steering box
  • Oil pan kit
  • Power steering hose conversion kit
  • Single t-case crossmember
  • Full color installation instructions
  • Rock Assault Front Axle Housing
  • Rock Assault Steering Stops
  • Dirty 30s 30-Spline Birfield Axle Kit
  • Assembled 3rd Member
  • Your choice of a Detroit or ARB Locker
  • Compressor is included in Kit C with ARB Locker

Needed to Complete Build:

  • 2x Toyota Solid Axle Spindles
  • 2x Brass Spindle Bushings
  • 1x Toyota Solid Axle Hubs Pair
  • 2x Aisin Locking Hubs or 1 Creeper Flange Kit
  • 1x Super Metal Hub Stud Kit
  • 1x Super Metal Spindle Stud Kit
  • 12x Front Wheel Studs
  • 12x Toyota Lug Nuts
  • 4x Steering Stop Bolts
  • 1x Set of Wheel Spacers may be required with some rims to clear the brake calipers


  • Warranty: 12 Month Limited Warranty
  • Sold As: Kit
  • Material: Chromoly
  • Finish: Bare
  • Color: Grey
  • Ratio: 5.29
  • Locker: ARB
  • Container Size: 2.7L
  • Spline: 30-Spline
  • Size: 12.0 Inch
  • Spring: 3.0 Inch
  • Year: 1996-2004
  • Kit: C
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