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Alpha Head Containment Composite Seat, Black & Grey



The first of its kind! PRP Seats’ Alpha Composite Seat specifically Built for Off-Road.

The Alpha Composite Seat is made with thick high-density foam all around for added comfort, and large harness slots that allow a fresh air hose to fit through. The injection molded, contoured bottom cushion provides great comfort during long endurance races. The recessed headrest and shoulder area creates more helmet room, and allows you to use a HANS device without the seat pushing your chest forward. Keeping your spine in-line at the correct angle while seated. The large harness slots on the shoulders allow you to fit the harness, and a fresh air hose through at the same time. This model features wrap around head containment, which prevents the drivers head from jarring side to side on impact. Fits Drivers with waist size up to 36″ comfortably.

Requires PRP composite seat mounts to install.

Black & Grey Color Combo (PRP Silver Outline, Alpha Silver, Silver Stitching, 201-263-201-203)


Injection molded, contoured bottom cushion
Thicker, higher density foam all around
Reclined headrest for more helmet room
Recessed shoulder area for HANS compatibility
Larger shoulder harness slots allow room for fresh air hose
Angled lap belt slots provides the proper angle to install lap belts
Higher lateral containment keeps your legs held in
Wrap around head containment (HC model) prevents the drivers head from rattling on impact

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