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CO2 Tank Powershot Sidearm 20 Oz Package C Auto Power Tank


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CO2 Tank Powershot Sidearm 20 Oz Package B Auto from Power Tank. Once you start to use your Sidearm Kit you’ll wonder how you ever got around without it. You’ll find yourself airing up or blowing off just about anything.
To increase your efficiency we recommend you consider having more bottles.

This will prolong your work time between bottle fills. The (6) bottle Package adds four (4) more bottles with a separate case to store them in. This package also includes a tire chuck and pressure gauge.

  • Power Shot Sidearm 20 Package C
  • Six (6) 20 oz. bottles(on-off v.)
  • Sidearm 160 Regulator
  • Holster
  • Bottle Sleeve w/ pocket clip
  • 10 Foot Braided Coiled Hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Tire Air Chuck
  • Pencil Pressure Gauge
  • 2 Carry Bags
  • 6 Valve Caps
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