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Custom Suspension Bench Seat (49-68″) – Standard



Build a custom bench seat for just about any vehicle. Measure the widest point and PRP can build your bench from 30” to 68” wide. Order your bench at shallow depth (3″ short) to allow for more leg room (like in Jeeps), or standard depth if you have a lot of space to work with. Perfect for the rear of most Jeep CJ’s, TJ’s, JK’s as well as buggies and trucks. Match your front seats with an optional hoop or adjustable headrest as well as extra options.

Design your own and Make it Yours! With over 60+ different colors and materials to choose from, you can customize the perfect seat for your ride. Extra options available include Front Goggle Pockets, Rear Storage Pockets, Water Paks, Heated Seats, Air Lumbar, and various Diamond Stitches.

24″ Tall X 26″ Deep (Standard) or 23″ Deep (3″ Short)
Mounting Area: Tabs are located 3″ in from bench width on either side. 18” Deep front to back (Standard) or 15″ Deep (3″ Short)
Benches available in custom widths from 49″ to 68″
Mounting Area: 18” front to back for standard depth, 15″ for 3″ short.
No headrests, 2 or 3 fixed headrest, 2 or 3 adjustable headrests available
Popular Vehicle Sizes
Jeep CJ/YJ – Measures 36″ wide – (use Universal Angle Mounts – 3″ Short to bolt to pan)
Jeep TJ/LJ – Measures 39″ wide – (use Universal Angle Mounts – 3″ Short to bolt to pan)
Jeep JK (2007-2018) – Measures 39″ wide – (use Universal Angle Mounts – 3″ Short to bolt to pan)
Jeep JKU (2007-2018) – Measures 47″ wide (with PRP’s JKU Rear Seat Mount)
Jeep JL (2018+) – Measures 47″ wide (with PRP’s JKU Rear Seat Mount)