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Enduro Elite Reclining Suspension Seat, Driver Side; Red – Black, 201, 57, 210, 210; PRP Silver Out



The Enduro Elite is our newest Reclining Suspension Seat, now with Elite Series styling. Designed to replace stock Jeep Wrangler, Jeep XJ, or truck seats, the Enduro supplies additional comfort for taking your daily driver off-roading. Included is a removable, contoured seat cushion for better leg support and longer comfort. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or dunes. The Enduro Elite reclines completely and inclines enough to allow access to the rear seats. The bottom tabs easily bolt to PRP’s series of mounts built for Jeep, Broncos, Ford Rangers, and more. The seat features a Tweed Center, Vinyl Back and Vinyl Bands.