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Genright – GenRight Twisted Pitman Arm w/Removal Tool



This is the innovative Twisted Pitman Arm with Removal Tool from GenRight Off Road!

This will correct the stress caused by issues inherent in long travel suspension systems using heims.

How? We twisted (or rotated) the drag link mounting surface to allow the heim to work within it’s range of motion.

We also created a stronger double shear type design pitman arm that uses a beefier 5/8″ size Grade 8 bolt that is stronger.

Why do I need a Twisted Pitman Arm? (Click to find out)

This is a perfect compliment to any long travel suspension and is designed to be used with hi-steer type arms on Dana 60’s, 44’s or 30’s. This Heavy Duty product will hold up to big tires and off-road abuse. In fact, you find this same product on Jordan’s 4585 MOD Class racer. Got a hydraulic ram? It will work with that too.

Still not sure you need this? You will find this product on every one of our GenRight Jeeps!


  • “Twisted” to utilize the full range of motion (down travel) in a heim rod end.
  • Laser cut & CNC formed from 1/4″ thick steel plate.
  • Design is puzzled together for maximum interlocked strength.
  • Stronger than stock Double Shear design (1-3/4″ wide).
  • Includes 5/8″ size Grade 8 mounting hardware.
  • Tapered spline is TIG welded into the GenRight Twisted arm.
  • 5-1/2″ center to center (same as stock TJ or YJ).
  • Includes Pitman Arm Removal Tool # STK-2520.
  • 100% Made in U.S.A.!

Why do we use Heim rod ends? We prefer the heims over the standard or heavy duty “tapered style” tie rod ends because, over the years we have seen the taper of the tie rod end SPLIT too many steel knuckles! This is the exact same steering set up we have used on our GenRight Jeeps and Ultra4 race buggies for years, and it works great!

Important Notes:

  • Designed to work with our frame side trac bar mount(s) TJ/LJ: FSM1004 & YJ: FSM1005 for ideal steering geometry (and eliminate bump steer).
  • If used with the GenRight Hi-Steering and trac bar, we have been able to move the front axle forward up to 5″ on a TJ (or LJ) and 4″ on a YJ.
  • Once installed, YOU MUST cycle the front suspension AND steering to make sure the hi-misalignment heims do not exceed their range of motion which would damage the steering components!
  • Requires a 7/8″ shank x 3/4″ bore heim with hi-misalignment spacers that reduce to a 5/8″ bore (sold separately).
  • Requires a 1″ body lift (BDL-9200) to clear the bottom of the radiator.

Click on the “picture” to see larger more detailed images.


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