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Jeep JK CV Driveshaft Rear 3-6 Inch High Angle Rzeppa Lift For 07-11 Wrangler JK 4 Door TeraFlex



TeraFlex High-Angle Rzeppa CV Driveshafts combine the smooth torque transfer of a CV joint with the high-angle misalignment of a traditional U-joint. This unique Rzeppa CV Joint and high-angle boot are designed for the extreme angles associated with larger lift heights.

Laser welded 2-3/8 inch carbon steel tubing results in superior strength and longevity. Precision construction reduces harmonic vibration for smoother high RPM dynamics. These driveshafts are zeroed out during final assembly for a true centric assembly without need for balance weights.

Unlike a U-joint style driveshaft, the Rzeppa CV joint does not experience a significant loss in strength due to high angles. Our innovative features address all the shortcomings found in the factory style driveshaft without sacrificing the benefits. This is especially important on JK Wrangler/Unlimited models with 3 inch and up lift.

  • 2007-11 JK Wrangler Unlimited (4 Door)
  • w/ 3-6 lift

Features and Benefits:

  • Rzeppa style joint allows for smooth torque transfer regardless of joint angle
  • High-angle CV housing design supports larger lift heights and maximum articulation w/out joint damage
  • Laser welded 2-3/8 inch carbon steel tubing for superior strength and longevity
  • Precision construction reduces harmonic vibration for smoother high RPM dynamics
  • Torque and fatigue tests are 3x higher than OE and aftermarket steel driveshafts
  • Rzeppa and sealed boot slip spline section provides years of maintenance free operation
  • Black Trivalent Zinc Chromate Coating for improved corrosion resistance
  • Double hobbed CNC spline surfaces meet OEM strict tolerance specs
  • Blue PA11 anti-friction coating applied to splines ensuring 360-degree coating thickness for long life and low maintenance
  • Red Line full synthetic high-temperature resistant CV grease resists liquefying for consistent performance across all temperatures


  • CV Driveshafts require TeraFlex JK: High-Angle Rzeppa CV Yokes.
  • Install Time: 1 Hour
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