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Shock Fill Needle Assembly 3 Needles Power Tank


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Shock Fill Needle Assembly from Power Tank. If you have IFP shocks that need to be filled with a needle filler you won’t find one that works better than ours and at a better price. This Shock Fill Needle Assembly comes with three needles and the Schrader body assembly. The easy way to use this needle is to attach it to the NAL Chuck of one of our Shock Inflator Tools (SIG-0500 or SIG-5600). 

Note: You cannot stick the needle back into the shock to check the shock pressure. The reason is there is such a small amount of air in the shock that by just filling the needle tool with pressure from the shock will lower the shock’s pressure greatly. Trust that as you pull the needle out the rubber puck is sealing the air behind it.

  • Shock Fill Needle Assembly
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