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Tire Pressure Gauge Digital 150 PSI Power Tank


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Tire Pressure Gauge with 2 foot Whip from Power Tank. The ultimate in tire pressure checking and adjusting for all tires including those on trucks and RVs.You have plenty of gauge choices to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

The liquid analog gauges are filled with silicone instead of glycerine, so they don’t slow down when the temperature drops. The digital gauges have auto-on faces with back-lit screens for easy reading in the dark.

The lower the pressure range, the more accurate the gauge, so choose the gauge that most closely matches your tires. The 60 psi gauges are the best sellers and work on a wide range of tires. Choose the 150 psi or 160 psi gauge if you plan on airing up high pressure RV or trailer tires. The 15 psi gauge is accurate to 0.15 psi but has a very small range.

All models feature a bleed button to drain air if your pressure is too high.


  • Up to 150 PSI
  • 24 Inch whip hose
  • Digital Gauge
  • Bleed Button – on all units
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