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Trigger Switch Harness Lead Baja Designs


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This add-on harness can add dual functionality to several Baja Designs harnesses, or simply avoid having to wire through the firewall and mount a switch to the dash.

Using a three-position switch (On-Off-Triggered ON), this will allow you to turn the lights on, off, or on when the trigger wire has voltage.

To use the trigger wire only, there is a jumper connector included that will replace the switch lead portion of the harness and eliminate the need to wire the switch into the cab.

The trigger wire is long enough to reach a taillight reverse wire, but also has an intermediate bullet connector that can be used to shorten the trigger wire to reach a headlight high beam wire.

 The harnesses that this switch lead is compatible with are:

  • 64-0117 - Squadron/S2 Off/On Wire Harness-2 lights max 150 watts
  • 64-0121 - Sport Series, 3-Pin Wiring Harness (Pair)
  • 64-0175 - Wiring Harness, LP9 Sport, LP6, LP4, 2-Light Max
  • 64-0115 - OnX6+/S8 (10-30 inch) Off/On Harness
  • 64-0139 - Squadron/ S2/ S1, Off/ On Harness
  • 64-0163 - Pro and Sport 3-pin, Hi-beam Harness-2 light max 150 watts
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