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Viper Off Road Wheels Satin Black 17×9 6×120 6 Lug -12 Offset Anthem Off Road


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The Viper is named after the F16 fighter jet, long considered one of America’s top military innovations, and lovingly nicknamed so by the crew members and pilots that have used it.

This extends to the design that our Viper has adopted, with a multi-layered, bold appearance topped off with a debossed Anthem Off-Road logo on the face. It’s available both in Satin Black and Gloss Black, which helps to further the stealthy, energetic vibe that the Viper can evoke.

This also means that the Viper is one of the strongest wheels we produce, thanks in large part to the one-piece alloy construction we’ve adopted when making the wheel. The result is a lightweight, ultra-strong wheel that you can fit effortlessly onto your truck.

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In the wild, the viper is at the top of its food chain, a relentless predator that stops at nothing to impose its will on its prey. In your off-road wild, your truck performs in much the same way, trusted upon to tear through obstacles and get you where you need to go without so much as a whimper.

It’s this intrepid nature that fuels every off-road enthusiast, and the reason that one of our wheels here at Anthem Off-Road bears the name of one of the world’s greatest predators, and one of our country’s most fearsome military tools.

The Anthem Off-Road Viper features an aggressive and bold design, combined with stellar performance all the same, and our Anthem team is stoked to be able to bring it to you.


  • Wheel Size 17×9
  • Bolt Pattern 6×120
  • Offset -12
  • Lug Count 6
  • BSM 4.5 Inch
  • Wheel Weight 27.6
  • Load Rating 2500lbs
  • Bore 78.3mm
  • Series Viper
  • Color Satin Black
  • Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Segment Off Road Wheels
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 12 Month Limited