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1.25" Standard Tube Adapter 1.5(ID) 12(TPI)



Left or Right Hand

Product Details

This is a weld in threaded bung for your link suspension. This one is the big guy made for the bottom of the truck, the side that's going to see the dirt firsthand. We make these a little different then the rest, the way I want them to be, they allow for most of the heim to go into the tube itself so it is supported by both the bung and the tube. Although not chromoly they are stronger when used this way. This is the right hand thread model for a 1.25" Heim Joint. It is a fair priced, and reliable choice of tube insert for your truck. They are sold individually but we can fit a ton of them in a small flat rate box!


*Tips to help prevent any seized or warped threads. 
Correctly adjust welder settings. (Too much heat can warp the threads)
Not welding the tube adapter with the rod end threaded inside. (Getting the rod end too hot can damage the liner)
Be careful to not keep too much heat on the tube adapter when welding inside of D.O.M.

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