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1997-2006 Jeep TJ/LJ Cooler & Mount Bracket Kit - PSC-MBC100K




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Part Description:

Easy to install power steering cooler kit that mounts in front of the radiator behind the grill. It is simple to install and is an easy solution for getting a cooler in your steering system. Note this mount bracket system has an option to add additional cooler to aid in transmission cooling.
Kit fits all Jeep TJ/LJ models from 97-06.

Note: Installed picture shows with opitonal transmision cooler Part # MBC100K-2

We Recommend Swepco 715 Power Steering Fluid in all PSC Systems

SWEPCO 715 Power Steering Fluid

Don't forget to flush your system!

PSC Premium Flush Oil


• Derale 19 row cooler
• mount bracket kit
• hose and fittings
• mounting hardware. 

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