29.5 Inch All Steel Steering Column PSC Performance Steering Components


$209.00 $220.00


Product Details

Universal Steering Column Kits by PSC are designed with aggressive off road use in mind.

These column kits provide the DIY fabricator a more simple way of connecting a PSC Steering Wheel to any PSC Steering Gear Box or Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control Valve.

PSC Steering Column Kits are offered in a variety of lengths, Aluminum or Steel Tube Contruction, HEX or Splined Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect.

Both steel and aluminum columns can be installed with PSC's Adjustable Mounting Kit. Steel columns can be welded directly to the chassis if necessary.


  • Equipped with Delrin bearings that cannot be damaged by moisture and dirt.
  • Aluminum housings available for critical weight reduction.
  • Available with HEX or Splined steering wheel disconnect.
  • Adjustable Mounting Kit Available (CL2CK).
  • Manufactured with Woodward Racing U-Joints that enables welding to 0.75 Inch OD steering shaft material.


  • 29.50 Inch Overall Length without U-Joint
  • 25.1 Inch Steel Tube Length
  • HEX Style Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect
  • Woodward Racing U-Joint, 3/4-20 X 3/4 Round

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