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7/8" X 3/4" Rod End 14(Tpi)



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"This is a 7/8"" shaft with a 3/4"" bore (14TPI). Sometimes smaller in the right places is better! Don't let the price confuse you, these are high quality Heat Teated Chromoly rod end, they are definately not a cheap mild steel heim. 

The 4130 Chromoly housing has a hard chrome finish and the Ball is made from 51200 bearing steel and heat treated with a hard chrome finish. The race is made from injection molded Teflon impregnated Nylon. 

Approximate Ultimate Radial Static Load - 55,600lbs. These are not tested to breaking point, they are tested to first deformation, that is a key point, deformation is not breaking. Some of the other companies test to destruction, I believe if they tested using the same methods the results would be very close, if not the same."

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