Bestop Supertop Two-Piece Rear Doors for Factory Tops Supertops and Sunrider Tops in Black Diamond - 51799-35




Product Details

Technical Details

  • 4-door models
  • Black diamond
  • Rear two-piece soft doors
  • Rotary style latches
  • Works with all Bestop tops
  • Passenger and driver side upper and lower complete with rotary paddle handle kits
  • Compatible with Supertop


Two-piece rear soft doors provide protection from the elements while offering the versatility of just a lower soft door. Adjustable door pins and collars ensure an exact fit. Velcro seals upper and lower doors together and double-bulb weather stripping surrounds door. Bestop rotary latch paddle handles close on factory door pins. Standard latch paddle handles close on provided door strikers.

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