Big Bore XD2 Cylinder Assist Steering Gearbox for 2007-18 Jeep JK PSC Performance Steering Components




Product Details

PSC's Exclusive Big Bore XD2 Power Steering Gearbox is an essential, critical steering component for any Jeep JK with increased torque loads such as large tire sizes up to 37 Inches, locking front differentials, and larger aftermarket axles.


  • 2007-18 Jeep JK 2 Door or 4 Door


  • Equipped with PSC's Exclusive Ram Port Tower
  • -6AN Male Ports for connection to PSC Steering Assist Cylinder
  • 85MM Piston for a 35 percent Increase in Torque Output to efficiently move large tire sizes greater than 37 Inches, locking front differentials, and larger aftermarket axles.
  • 45MM Sector Shaft Diameter eliminates shear potential, one of the main failures of the OEM steering gearbox in severe conditions.
  • Mounting Pad areas re-engineered to improve structural rigidity and eliminates the need for bracing even on intermediate to severe duty use vehicles.
  • 16:1 Turning Ratio delivers improved on-the-road driving manners and reduces oversteer.
  • PSC Exclusive Pitman Arm Included

The Big Bore XD2 Power Steering Gearboxes require a high flow rate, 1650 PSI Power Steering Pump for the best service life.

  • PSC PN PK1853 for 2007-11 Jeep JK 3.8L EGH
  • PSC PN PK1858 for 2012-2018 Jeep JK 3.6L Pentastar

High Mileage or Aftermarket Remanufactured OEM power steering pumps DO NOT meet the required flow rate specifications which may result in premature failure of the steering gearbox.

PSC recommends the use of a fluid cooler to prevent catastrophic damage to the power steering pump.

The dimensionally larger size of the Big Bore XD2 series may interfere with some aftermarket track bars.

HEMI Conversions may present tight clearance tolerances if the air conditioning or OEM power steering pump is located on the bottom driver side of the engine.

LS3 Conversions may require modification/clearancing of the alternator bracket. 

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