Coil Over Shock Towers Notched Pair Motobilt




Product Details

The Motobilt shock towers are made out of thick 1/4 inch p& and o steel plate that is CNC cut and bent. These towers have a notch cut into them so that you can sit them on top of your frame rail and weld them in place.

The lean out 15 degrees and measure 12.25 inchs from the top of the frame to the center of the bolt hole. This kit is desinged to be used with coil over shocks in the 2.0 size.

The mounting hole is 1/2 inch and the mounting width is 1.5 inchs. The knotched design means you can mount them with out having to cut or chanel your frame. These can be used front or rear.

The towers will require professional installation and welding. Comes with 2 shock towers and 4 tabs that are designed with key ways to ensure an exact fit once fully welded. Note: The lower frame rail shown i is Not included.

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