Comp Cut Highline Rear Corner Armor for Jeep YJ/TJ For Jeep YJ|Jeep TJ Motobilt




Product Details

Need extra high clearance and bulletproof rear corner protection for your bad ass stretched Jeep YJ or TJ project? We got it! This rear corner armor package was specifically designed to provide clearance for taller tires on wide 1 ton axles and to keep the overall ride height as low as possible. It's the highest tire clearance corner armor packages available on the market.

This comp corner was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Motobilt TJ High Clearance Inner Fender Kit part number MB5513 or the Motobilt Jeep YJ Rear High Clearance Fender Tops MB5501. It will not work with the factory YJ or TJ inner fenders in place.

Why such high clearance? Our goal was to lower your stance and your center of gravity while still providing ample up-travel for a true 4 link rear suspension. A lower center of gravity increases your stability.

Constructed using 3/16 inch thick high grade steel, this product is first laser cut on our state-of-the-art 10K fiber laser, then has all mounting holes countersunk for a beautiful flush finish of all hardware. We even built custom fixtures to form the exact corner radius to precisely match your Jeep TJ. Corner armor can be beautiful too!

If you've reached this point in the progression of your extreme Jeep YJ or TJ build, you already understand this type of product requires trimming of body sheet metal. Simply use the shape of our corner armor as a trimming template.

We've left the cutouts for the taillights up to you. We provide a blank canvas for you. Some folks prefer round newer styles of LED flush mount tail lights, while others still prefer the traditional square Jeep TJ or YJ tail light look. The choice is yours. Ships as bare still. Includes fasteners and rivnuts. Weight = 40 lbs

  • Comp Cut Highline Rear Corner Armor for Jeep YJ/TJ
  • Finish: Bare
  • Material: Steel
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Fits: Jeep YJ and Jeep TJ

Note: This Set Of Corner Guards Does Not Have Cut Outs Or Holes For The Factory Tailgate. The Installer Can Modify The Part To Work With A Swing Out Style Tailgate. The Design Intent Of This Part Was To Convert To A Fold Down Style Tailgate.

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