Series-1 Oil Cooler 19 Row w/M22 Ports w/ Fan & Shroud




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Setrab ProLine Oil Coolers

Engine Oil Coolers

ProLine STD Range

Setrab ProLine STD range oil coolers are the most flexible high-performance oil coolers on the market. The ProLine STD series integrates low-profile 22mm female ports for adaptability to any system using ProLine adapter fittings.

The stacked-plate style of Setrab's STD range offers the advantage of many height possibilities within the various series' widths. In addition, this technique coupled with state-of-the-art brazing technology makes for a durable, highly-efficient, and beautifully simplistic design that is often imitated but never replicated.


The FP119M22I is a compact performer. Its small footprint and low-profile Spal fan allow for fitment in tight spots, where access to direct airflow isn't always possible.

Don't let its small stature fool you: the FP119M22I is the lightweight champion of beating heat – featuring a Setrab 1-series 19-row oil cooler (p/n 50-119-7612), this package is the choice of racers and performance street machines in all venues for the following typical applications:

  • Series 1
  • 19-row
  • 22 mm x 1.50 Female Inlet
  • 22 mm x 1.50 Female Outlet
  • Low-HP engine oil cooler (EOC)
  • High-HP auxiliary EOC
  • ATV/motorcycle EOC
  • Differential oil cooler
  • Transmission oil cooler
  • Power-steering oil cooler
  • Fuel cooler
  • Plate Type Cooler

 Fan technical specifications

 Installation instructions

Part no. Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.) Fan Weight (lbs.)
Core Total Core Total incl. fan    


6.50 8.27 5.75 6.10 4.38 12V, 342cfm 3.55


Part # FP119 Kit

Fan Kit

Setrab ProLine Fan Kits include fans and fan-mounting hardware to convert selected sizes of ProLine STD oil coolers in to Fanpacks.

Installation instructions

Oil Cooler Fan Kit

Part no. Setrab ProLine STD fitment Fan

FP119 Kit

50-119-7612 12V, 342cfm
50-144-7612 (x2 kits)
50-160-7612 (x3 kits)

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