Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control (Orbital) Valve 185CC/11.3CI PSC Performance Steering Components




Product Details

The ultimate Steering Control Unit for mid-range flow applications, the Char-Lynn Series 10 Steering Control Unit facilitates hydraulic fluid flow like no other unit on the market. Its high 4,000 PSI pressure rating and widewalled sleeve that s 40 percent thicker than the industry standard designs allows the Char-Lynn Series 10 Steering Control Unit to better accommodate smaller cylinders.

All of the Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control Valves offered by PSC are load reaction type. A load reaction valve allows axle forces to return the steering wheel to its original position when the operator releases the wheel after completing a turn.

This return to center function is engineered to work in cross connected and balanced systems.


  • 185CC / 11.3CI Displacement
  • 4.00-8.00 GAL/MIN Flow Rate Capability
  • Open Center, Load Reaction Type Valve
  • 12 Tooth Internal Involute Spline Interface
  • Max System Operating Temperature, 93 C/200 F
  • 6AN Fittings Included (HWK-SV1)
  • Optional 8AN Fittings Available (HWK-SV2)


To calculate the amount of required turns at the steering wheel to move the steering axle from full lock-to-lock, divide cylinder volume by the Steering Control (Orbital) Valve displacement. 

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