Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control (Orbital) Valve 231CC/14.1CI PSC Performance Steering Components




Product Details

The ultimate Steering Control Unit for mid-range flow applications, the Char-Lynn Series 10 Steering Control Unit facilitates hydraulic fluid flow like no other unit on the market. Its high 4,000 PSI pressure rating and widewalled sleeve thats 40 percent thicker than the industry standard designs allows the Char-Lynn Series 10 Steering Control Unit to better accommodate smaller cylinders.

All of the Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control Valves offered by PSC are load reaction type. A load reaction valve allows axle forces to return the steering wheel to its original position when the operator releases the wheel after completing a turn.

This return to center function is engineered to work in cross connected and balanced systems.


  • 231CC / 14.1Cubic Inch Displacement
  • 4.00-8.00 GAL/MIN Flow Rate Capability
  • Open Center, Load Reaction Type Valve
  • 12 Tooth Internal Involute Spline Interface
  • Max System Operating Temperature, 93 C/200 F
  • 6AN Fittings Included (HWK-SV1)
  • Optional 8AN Fittings Available (HWK-SV2)


To calculate the amount of required turns at the steering wheel to move the steering axle from full lock-to-lock, divide cylinder volume by the Steering Control (Orbital) Valve displacement. 

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