EVO MFG JK Enforcer Kit 3 Inch w/ Draglink Flip Stage 2 Right Hand Drive EVO Manufacturing




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When EVO MFG was asked to face a challenge of designing a suspension that meets the criteria of driving a vehicle heavily on and off road for upwards of 300 miles a day, every day, from high speed pursuits on and off road to slow rock crawling in some of the most remote areas of our country, four factors were taken into upmost consideration.

Fatigue to occupants, Reliability, Functionality, Affordability. For the challenge we deemed the EVO MFG ENFORCER Suspension package. We Smoothed and Balanced the Overall Ride Quality with EVO MFG Plush Coils Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms to correct caster angle with EVO MFG on Vehicle Adjusters/Stage 2 includes in addition Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms to adjust pinion angle/Stage 3 includes all 8 Adjustable Control arms for full suspension tuning.

  • EVO MFG JK Enforcer Kit 3 Inch w/ Draglink Flip Stage 2 Right Hand Drive
  • Rear Roll Center correction trackbar bracket
  • Stainless Steel Brakelines
  • All necessary hardware included
  • All stages include the EVO MFG Draglink Flip Kit
  • When lifting your JK 3 Inch or greater, it is highly recommended to correct some of the steering geometry that has been altered with the lift. The EVO MFG JK Draglink Flip Kit does just that and more.
  • Raises trackbar mounting location 3 Inch at the axle to help correct roll center and steering angles of a lifted JK
  • Roll center is greatly improved giving better handling of the vehicle on and off road
  • Complete bolt-on design that gives greater strength to already prone to failure factory front trackbar bracket
  • Comes complete with new forged draglink
  • All bracketry made from 3/16 Inch thick laser cut and CNC bent sheet metal
  • All bracketry is finished in a corrosion resistant Black Powdercoat
  • Integrated new steering stabilizer location built in to get it up and out of harm's way above the tie rod
  • Drilling of the passenger side steering knuckle with 13/16 Inch drill bit is required to complete the install
  • Installation Time 8-11 Hours
  • Stage 2
  • Lift Height: 3 Inch
  • Sold As: Kit

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