G2 Dana 60 Chromalloy Outer Axle Shaft - 97-2034-001




Product Details

Technical Details

  • G2 Axle and Gear Chromoly Outer Axle Shaft Dana 60
  • Dana 60
  • 35 Spline
  • 11.40"" Overall Length
  • Accepts 5-806X U-Joint
  • Driver and Passenger Side
  • Machined to Accept Full Circle Clips
  • For use in Ford Dana 60 Live Spindle


G2's high strength axle shafts are engineered to withstand the added load of high torque applications and to remedy the common faults found with factory shafts. Forged from high grade alloy steel and heat treated to exceed OEM specifications, these axles are designed for extended service life. Added features such as Big Spline options, rolled splines and use of better materials allow you to confidently run larger tires without the risk of failure.

Product Specs:

Axle Location Axle Type Fitment Popular Axle Manufacture Axle Shaft Location Axle Spline
Front Dana 60 Universal Fit Dana Outer Stub 35 Splines

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