Gladiator Rear Bumper Corner Frame Mounts Motobilt




Product Details

The Motobilt MB1111 Heavy Duty Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets are an upgrade over the factory brackets. With 64 percent thicker steel and larger, more continuous welds versus their factory counterparts, you will never have to worry about damaging your Frame Rail Brackets or your sheet metal.

The direct Mopar replacements are 68356518AA and 68356519AA which retail for 67 dollar to 70 dollar each (140 dollar for the pair). Our Motobilt MB1111 Heavy Duty Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets retail for 199 dollar for pair. 60 dollar more than the factory replacement parts. What do you get for that extra 60 dollar? 64 percent thicker material.

The factory Mopar Bumper to Frame Rail Brackets are constructed from 11 Gauge stamped steel (0.12 inch thick).Motobilt brackets are constructed from 0.1875 inch (0.1875 inch) thick laser cut and CNC precision formed steel. Thicker steel stronger part less damage! More welds.

The factory brackets are held together with a twelve 0.0937 inch stitch welds for a total of 21.4 inch linear inches of weld.Our Heavy Duty Frame Rail Brackets are fully MIG welded all around with 0.1875 inch fillet welds for a total of 37.4 inch linear inches of weld. Our welds are twice as thick with 57 percent more welds. Larger welds and more welds more strength!

Ever have to wait to get a factory part in from a dealership? It's hit or miss on your wait time. You don't have to go searching online or have to order and wait to get them in at your local Jeep dealership. We have them ready to ship and can accompany your order for your MB1110 Gladiator Crusher Rear Bumper. No waiting and no searching happy customer!


  • Fits 2020-2020 Jeep Gladiator
  • Sold As Pair
  • Hardware Included Yes
  • Finish Bare
  • Location Rear
  • Material Steel
  • Thickness 0.12 inch
  • Cut CNC Laser Cut
  • Formed Stamped

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