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Jeep Bump Stop Pad Kit Rear Universal Steel Bare GenRight




Product Details

A simple and low cost solution for bump stops on your Jeep. Here is how it works: This kit can be installed with our Urethane Bump Stops or King Shocks 2 inch air bump, this gives you the option to upgrade to air bumps down the road if you're Not quite there yet.

  • Ideal for limiting up travel - preventing damage from bottoming out
  • Affordable and Complete kit
  • Proven heavy duty construction
  • Laser cut pieces key together for easy assembly
  • 2 Axle side bump stop pads
  • 2 Frame gussets
  • Includes axle side bump pads
  • Welding Required
  • Unpainted Finish
  • Sold As A Kit

Important Notes:

  • Requires cutting and welding to install this product.
  • This product should be cycled Before use to confirm the bump stop is mounted in the correct position for your vehicle build to prevent unexpected damage out on the trail.
  • Air bumps usually requires a Nitrogen charge of 75 to 120 lbs after installation.
  • Will Not work with the Fox type air bumps cans!

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