Jeep Bump Stops w/Bump Cans Urethane Universal Aluminum Bare Pair GenRight




Product Details

This is the GenRight Rock Stomper Urethane bump stops. It is a simple and low cost solution for bump stops on a Jeep! Here is how it works: These Urethane Bump Stops fit in a King 2 inch diameter air bump can. This allows you to Upgrade down the road to true air bumps when you can afford it!

  • Ideal for low speed rock crawling
  • Low cost Compared to a set of air bumps
  • Lightweight Aluminum tube construction
  • Includes 2 King single bolt in the end of the bump cans
  • Includes 2 Aluminum Mounts
  • Includes 2 Urethane bumps
  • Urethane bumpers are replaceable
  • Accepts all types of Urethane or EVS foam bumps with a 3/8-16 threaded stud
  • Dimensionally the same as an air bump, which allows end user to upgrade to true air bumps
  • Unpainted Finish
  • Sold As A Pair

Important Notes:

  • Requires the cutting and welding to install bump stop mounting kit P/N SUP-1001 or SUP-1002 for use.
  • Can be upgraded at a later date to 2x4 inch King air bump.
  • Will Not work with the Fox type air bumps cans!

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