Jeep JK Axle Assembly Fusion Elite 60/Big Tube 14 Bolt Package 07-18 Wrangler JK Gear Ratio 4.56 ARB Air Locker Fusion 4x4




Product Details

Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 and Fusion Elite Big Tube 14 Bolt Axle Package. Whether you're a weekend warrior or off-road racer, these axles provide the performance you need to tackle even the most challenging obstacles. The 14 bolt is ideal for the customer whose application needs more strength than a rear D60, but does not need a D80, or who prioritizes ground clearance.

  • Axle Width 72 Inches (other options available)
  • Gear Ratio 4.56
  • Locker ARB Air locker
  • 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Fusion Elite 60/Big Tube 14 Bolt Package
  • Fusion 2.5 Ton Tie Rod and Drag Link
  • Fully Integrated ABS

Highlights of why the Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 and Big Tube 14 Bolt are the best axles in their class:

  • Kingpin steering knuckles: Every ball joint wears out. The Fusion springless kingpin steering incorporates a preload adjuster. You will never need to replace parts and they will always feel like new.
  • Modular fully machined racing steering arms: Should you ever decide to go full hydro, we have optional full hydro knuckle tie-in steering arms. Options are nearly unlimited.
  • Rear 14 Bolt offers more ground clearance than a Dana 60 and boasts the strongest axle tubes in the industry at 4 inch diameter and up to 1/2 inch wall thickness. The strongest housing with more ground clearance than a D60, and with a gear strength approaching that of a Dana 80.
  • More value per dollar than any other axles in the industry!

Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 Front Axle Standard Features:

  • 72 inch width for ideal steering geometry and tire clearance when running 40 inch tires
  • High clearance center section with custom low profile fabricated differential cover
  • Genuine Made in the USA Spicer 10.1 inch (256 mm) ring and pinion gear
  • 3.5 inch diameter x 7/16 inch wall axle tubes
  • Lifetime Warranty US Made Chromoly axle shafts with 1480 solid u-joints
  • Massive, race inspired Kingpin inner knuckle Cs and outer knuckles, no ball joints to wear out
  • Fully machined springless steering arm attached with 6 ARP Studs
  • Steering arm upgrades available for full hydro or virtually any application
  • 1/4 inch plate axle bracketry designed to be the strongest in its class
  • 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern
  • Massive 13.25 inch brake rotors and dual piston calipers
  • Yukon Hardcore locking hubs

Fusion Elite Big Tube 14 Bolt Full Float Rear Axle Standard Features:

  • Introducing the first brand new, bolt-in ready, 14 Bolt axle assembly for the Jeep JK. If that isn't cool enough, it uses 4 inch diameter axle tubes, making it the strongest 14 Bolt available. Standard with 35 spline chromoly axle shafts.
  • Low pinion design for maximum gear strength
  • Only 1/2 inch less ground clearance at the lowest point compared to our Elite 60 rear axle, or choose the optional 13 Bolt shave version for 1/4 inch better ground clearance than our Elite 60
  • 10.5 inch Ring Gear
  • 4 inch diameter x 3/8 inch wall axle tubes
  • Lifetime Warranty US Made 35 Spline dual heat treated Chromoly axle shafts
  • 1/4 inch plate laser cut, CNC bent axle bracketry designed to be the strongest in its class
  • 3/8 inch plate fabricated diff cover welded inside and out provides maximum protection to the internal parts
  • 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern
  • Big brake kit with dual piston calipers and 14.1 inch rotors
  • Best-in-class OE quality ABS design and integration make these axles plug and play with the Jeep JK

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