JK 1 Ton Superduty Rear Sterling Axle Swap Kit Artec Industries




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JK 1 Ton - Super duty Rear Sterling Axle Swap Kit. Artec Industries is excited to announce the JK One Ton Axle Swap Kit For rear Super duty axles. This heavy duty truss and bracket system is designed to take serious abuse and reinforce your entire axle while also providing the factory link, spring, anti-sway bar, and shock locations. The 1/4 inch thick truss incorporates a unique design to strengthen both the axle and incorporate the link brackets For ease of installation and added strength. By incorporating the link mounts into the truss, hours of work and trial and error can be avoided when compared to other bracket systems. Simply tack weld the truss together, place it on the axle and all the other brackets fit into place exactly where they need to be. The Super duty Rear Axle (Sterling 10.25 and 10.5) is more offset to the passenger side than the factory differential and can result Inch contact with the gas tank at the pinion. It is likely you will need to either stretch the rear axle, or use an aftermarket gas tank. By purchasing, you acknowledge you understand potential conflict with the factory gas tank. Artec will not accept returns on modified, welded, or otherwise resell-able products. This Kit does not include any parts For ABS sensors. It is only a bracket Kit. Hooking up and configuring these sensors is the responsibility of the end user.


  • Sold as Each
  • Super duty axles Do Not Match the factory JK 5 lug wheel bolt pattern.
  • New wheels will need to be purchased to do this swap.
  • Brake components Not included Inch this product, but will be available separately shortly.
  • 1/4 inch thick mild steel truss and brackets For much higher strength than the factory bracket and other aftermarket brackets. Precision CNC cut and bent For great fitment.
  • Includes all the brackets necessary For a complete axle swap including upper and lower control arm mounts, shock mounts, anti-sway bar mounts, tracbar mount, and coil spring mounts.
  • Save hours of installation time. Brackets are jigged into truss and set exact position automatically. All other brackets just need to line up to truss, no guessing and measuring involved.
  • Tracbar mount includes 4 locations For those who have aftermarket lifts. Stock height hole is not included though.
  • Easily upgradeable For future link geometry changes. Just trim off factory location upper control mounts and weld on a new centered link mount.
  • Truss is reinforced using interlocked 1/4 thick gussets For maximum strength and easy assembly.
  • Overall low profile design means your axle is stronger, sleaker, easier to fit into any vehicle, and less likely to interfere with vehicle components.
  • Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this Kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required. Will require brake line relocation to fit.

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