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For the past 5 years, we've been testing 7075 Aluminum links in the ARTECON to ensure that they could handle the abuse of both extreme, heavy duty rock crawling and normal daily driving. We've been pleased with how they've handled the rigorous abuse and how much weight is saved by using is compared to standard steel tubing.

The JT Aluminum Mid Arm Kit starts with our 2.0 inch outer diameter, aerospace grade 7075 Aluminum links front and rear. The upper front links are solid steel links directly used in Rock Krawler suspensions. The Aluminum links are out-fitted with time-tested Rock Krawler brand Krawler Joints with a 1.25 inch thread on the front and rear lowers and rear uppers.

These are the same joints shipped in nearly every Rock Krawler lift kit so you know they stand up to the test of time and abuse...not to mention there are millions of them on the streets. Each link is threaded with both a Right Hand thread and a Left Hand thread at opposite ends so it is easy to adjust the length for fine tuning. We've also included wrench flats on each end of the Aluminum link so you can easily tighten your jam nuts without marring the Aluminum.

The real advantage of our Aluminum link suspensions is the weight savings. Each link only weighs a few pounds versus steel links which can be dozens of pounds. This weight savings means better fuel mileage, less wear and tear on your vehicle and it's components, easier install and less maintenance.

Aluminum also is naturally rust resistant so you don't have to continually paint them if you scratch them plus Aluminum's natural shininess adds so much curb appeal to your vehicle. Springs, shocks, limit straps, sway bar extenstions, extended brake lines, and adjustable tracbars are not included in this kit and will be needed.

Note: OEM Wheels cannot be used with this kit. Requires minimum wheel backspacing of 4.5 inch. 3 inch-4 inch lift required. Extended brake lines required.

Included in the kit:

  • 2 - RH, 2 - LH - 1.25 inch -12 tpi x 9/16 inch hole Rock Krawler Joints
  • 4 - RH, 4 - LH - 1.25 inch -12 tpi x 5/8 inch hole Rock Krawler Joints
  • 6 - RH, 6 - LH - 1.25 inch -12 tpi Jam Nuts
  • 2 - Rock Krawler solid steel front upper control arms with joints
  • 4 - 2.0 inch OD 7075-T6 Polished Aluminum Lower Links
  • 2 - 2.0 inch OD 7075-T6 Polished Aluminum Upper Links

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