Rigid Industries Dually Series Flood LED Light - Set of Two - 21211




Product Details

Technical Details:

  • Clear
  • Universal
  • 15 Watts
  • 1300 Raw Lumens
  • 1 AMP Draw
  • Weight 1.25lbs


The Rigid Industries Dually Flush Mount allows for an entire new list of mounting possibilities. The Flush Mounted light comes ready with flush mount flange installed on light and is only a few steps away from being installed on almost any flat surface you could want. The light requires four drill holes as well as a cut out for the body of the light in your surface material. Instructions and templates are included in the packaging, however we do highly recommend installation by a certified professional. Order your new Flush Mounted Dually today and experience high powered L.E.D. lighting in a completely new way!


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