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Rock Krawler JKU 3.5 Inch Trail Runner Long Arm Lift Kit w/ Stg 2 Coilover Shocks 07-18 Wrangler 4 Dr




Product Details

Rock Krawler JKU 3.5 Inch Trail Runner Long Arm Lift Kit with Stg 2 Coilover Shocks 07-18 Wrangler 4 Dr

System Benefits:

  • Excellent Highway Ride and Handling
  • Unbelievable Off-Road Performance
  • Independent 3 Link Conversion Front and Rear (100 percent Bind Free Suspension)
  • Massive 13 Inch Travel 2.625 Inch Front remote reservoir Coilovers
  • Massive 12 Inch Travel 2.625 Inch Rear remote reservoir Coilovers
  • Lower Control Arms Made From 2 Inch O.D. 7/16 Wall DOM Alloy Steel
  • Full High Clearance Rear Axle Bracket Kit
  • Adjustable Rear Anti-Squat
  • Solid Alloy Steel Adjustable Track Bars with Anti-Wobble Joints
  • In Vehicle Adjustable Front Upper Arm making Alignment a Snap
  • PRO Front Sway Bar Disconnects/Extended Links
  • PRO Rear Extended Sway Bar Links
  • 37 Inch Tires (OEM Fenders)
  • Up to 40 Inch Tires (Flat Fenders)
  • Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts

System Includes:
(2) Tuned 13 Inch travel 2 5/8 front remote reservoir coilovers
(2) Tuned 12 Inch travel 2 5/8 rear remote reservoir coilovers
(2) Front weld-on frame side control arm mounts
(1) 1/4 Inch laser cut steel cross member
(4) High clearance adjustable lower control arms
(1) X Factor Pro front upper control arm
(1) Front weld-on axle side upper control arm mount
(1) Solid alloy steel front adjustable track bars
(2) Adjustable front sway bar disconnects
(2) Sway bar straps
(2) Front long travel stainless steel brakes
(2) Weld-on rear upper Coilover mounts
(2) Weld-on rear lower Coilover mounts
(1) High misalignment adjustable rear upper control arm
(2) Rear weld-on frame side lower long arm mounts
(1) Rear weld-on frame side upper control arm mount
(1) Rear weld-on axle truss with adjustable anti-squat
(2) Rear extended adjustable sway bar links
(1) Solid alloy steel front adjustable track bars
(1) Rear weld-on axle side track bar relocation brackets
(2) Rear weld-on axle side lower control arm mounts
(2) Universal remote reservoir mounts
(2) Rear long travel stainless steel brakes
(2) Rear weld-on sway bar mounting tabs
Hardware and detailed instructions


  • Extensive welding required.
  • Requires 70 Inch WMS with 3.5 Inch backspaced wheels or 72 Inch WMS with 4.5 Inch backspaced wheels.
  • Requires frenching into the frame and cutting into the tub for the rear upper Coilover mounts.
  • Removal of the OEM lower control arm mounts front and rear is required.
  • Removal of the front upper control arm mount on the driver side is required.
  • Minor exhaust rerouting required before the collector on the driver's side. This is recommended to be done prior to the suspension system being installed.
  • Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up.
  • We typically recommend 4.5 Inch of backspacing on rims for 33 Inch and 35 Inch tall tires.
  • We typically recommend 3.5 Inch of backspacing on rims for 37 Inch/40 Inch tall tires.
  • The rear upper third link is designed around standard low pinion rear axles. When ordering for high pinion rear axles please contact us directly so we can ensure proper fitment as best as possible.

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