Rock Krawler JL 2.25 RRD Rear Shocks 3.5 Inch Lift 18-Pres Wrangler JL




Product Details

The Rock Krawler RRD 2.25 inch Shock's fluted aluminum body gives the advantage of weight reduction without sacrificing strength, which not only makes this shock the lightest shock in its class, it also provides a surface area greater than most 2.25 inch bodied shocks. The fluting provides the structure required to ensure the aluminum cylinders are as strong, if not stronger than their steel 2.25 inch counterparts as well as increase surface area for greater heat dissipation.

The shock bodies are treated with a military grade hard anodized coating so you never have to worry about corrosion. Dual high quality DU bearings provide the bearing surface for the massive 3/4 inch Nitrotec Steel shaft and unlike chrome plated shafts, these Nitrotec steel shafts are bare so you'll never have to worry about pitting or flaking potentially destroying the seals. While a billet aluminum valve circuit with digressive valving controls the dampening, redundant sealing technology keeps the shock oil where it belongs.

The shock oil is formulated for fade-free dampening and smooth rebounds, its high viscosity index and shear stability controls shock fade. This with a custom Teflon valve circuit wear band greatly reduces shock body wear.

All these features combine to make the RRD 2.25 inch Shock a fraction of the weight of the competitions 2.25 inch steel body counterparts and cool twice as fast for fade resistant performance.

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