Rock Krawler TJ/LJ Front/Rear Adjustable Lower Control Arms (2-4 Inch Lift)




Product Details

Rock Krawler adjustable lower control arms are adjustable with a rebuildable spherical joint at the axle and a Pro Flex joint at the frame for improved off-road ability while maintaining a quiet ride on the highway. The adjustability allows for proper axle positioning and caster or pinion angle adjustment. They are made of solid alloy steel and come with our exclusive Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty!
System Benefits:

  • Better off-road performanc
  • TJ/LJ front and rear lower control arms
  • Gain pinion angle/caster adjustability
  • Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty

System Includes:
(1) Pair of high clearance adjustable lower control arms made from solid alloy steel.
Valid for 2 to 4 inches of lift. Can be used for front or rear lower control arms. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with adjustable upper control arms front or rear.

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