SWEPCO 503 Premium Gasoline Improver 12OZ Bottle PSC Performance Steering Components




Product Details

SWEPCO 503 is a unique blend of specialized high-temperature-resistant solvents and highly effective rust and corrosion inhibitors. The carefully balanced solvent portion of the formulation is extremely effective for removal of all forms of harmful engine deposits as well as for prevention of their formation.

SWEPCO 503 is highly effective for removal of gum and other residues which tend to form in fuel injectors, fuel tanks, fuel filters and fuel lines, inhibiting proper fuel delivery and robbing power.


  • Keeps fuel injectors and fuel delivery system clean
  • Eliminates carbon deposits on intake and exhaust valves
  • Only 60 percent burns and 40 percent remains to lubricate
  • Reduces wear
  • Eliminates sticky valves, improves compression
  • Dissolves harmful gums

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