SWEPCO 714 20W Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 GAL PSC Performance Steering Components




Product Details

SWEPCO 714 ATF is a high viscosity paraffinic base stock that contains DIMONYL. SWEPCO 714 formulation contains anti-oxidation, rust, and corrosioninhibitors as well as superior anti-wear and anti-foaming agents. Able to withstand extreme temperatures and load demands, it is ideal for heavy duty applications or extreme conditions.

A lower operating temperature will help to eliminate sludge, gum, varnish, and improve shift quality.


  • Improves performance and component life for power shift transmissions, hydraulic final drives, wet brakes, power steering systems and industrial torque converters requiring Caterpillar TO-4 and FD-1, Allison C4 or similar fluids
  • Carefully formulated protection for heavily loaded equipment in mining, earth moving, construction, marine, forestry and other off-road applications
  • Insures smooth, positive shift quality even in cold climates
  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Unsurpassed protection against deposit formation, varnish, corrosion, wear and rust
  • Extends drain intervals beyond conventional oils
  • Exceeds performance of many synthetics and OEM branded oils
  • Compatible with most common seal and part materials including elastomeric and plastic components

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