Trick Tab with 1/4 Inch 20 Rivnuts 10 Pack Motobilt




Product Details

Designed for the home or professional builder, the Motobilt MB2123-003 Trick Tabs are constructed of 1/8 inch thick (11 Ga) laser cut steel that is CNC precision press brake formed.

The tab comes with preinstalled rivnuts to accept 1/4 Inch 20 bolts. The addition of the rivnut is helpful when it is hard to access the backside of the tab in inaccessible areas, like a body or dash panel.

The double formed flanges of the Trick Tab are designed to add strength and to fit the outside profile of a round tube. This Trick Tab will fit the outside shape of 1.50 Inch, 1.75 inch 2.00 inch o.d. round tube.

These tabs are commonly used for tubular frame vehicles and roll cages to quickly create a bolting point for body or dash panel mounting, accessory mounting, inner fender mounts, light mounts or many other useful purposes.

We've designed these Trick Tabs as a bank of 10 pieces that are lightly stitched together. When you need to use a tab, you simply break off a tab and weld it on to your tube.

These banks of ten (10) tabs are easy to store in your toolbox or on a pegboard hook and also stack well on a shelf. Keep your shop stocked up on these handy builder tabs!

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