Ultimate Dana 44 CV Axle Set Jeep JK Rubicon ('07 and up) With Teraflex 8 Lug Hub Kit 10.06" Stubs




Product Details

RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axles simply replace the weak Dana 44 U-joint axle shafts for your Jeep JK Rubicon equipped with a "Non Stock Carrier" and Teraflex's Front 8 Lug hub conversion kit with a high-strength constant velocity design. Compatible with aftermarket heavy duty axle housings such as TeraFlex's "JK Tera44" and Dynatrac's "ProRock 44." Tests prove Ultimate CV Axles to be twice as strong as OEM axle shafts, and they're just as tough at a straight angle as they are at extreme angles - where U-joints are weakest. Ultimate CV Axles also eliminate U-joint binding to allow smooth transfer power to the ground. Even if you have big tires and big power there are no worries. Ultimate CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness you can feel - whether off road or on the street. And we back it all with a "No Questions Asked" limited lifetime warranty. 
Axle set includes right and left CV axle shafts, outer stubs, SST seals and installation tool, installation instructions, synthetic moly grease, and installation hardware. Black oxide coating is standard. Optional nickel plating is available for extra corrosion resistance in salty environments - contact us for details, or use our Custom Axle Configuration Form.



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