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Corbeau Baja 40 Inch Bench Suspension Seat (Black) - 64010




Product Details

Technical Details

  • Black vinyl
  • Military grade suspension cord systems
  • Lap belt capability
  • Ideal for off road applications
  • Powdercoated steel frame
  • Requires seat bracket adapter (part number B40001)


The Baja Bench Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who want the safety of suspension and the comfort of Corbeau. They integrated state-of-the-art suspension technology with the comfort and design that Corbeau is known for, and from that came the Baja Bench Off Road Suspension Seat. The Baja Bench is a 40 inch width. The Baja Bench Off Road Seat will enhance not only the look of your vehicle but also the overall driving experience. The Baja Bench Off Road Suspension Seat is available in all vinyl and vinyl/cloth fabrics. Suspension System: The seat base is reinforced with nylon and inner laced with military grade suspension cords. For driving which encounters several impacts, like off-road driving, the suspension technology helps to absorb the energy at impact, keeping you and your back safe. In addition, the suspension allows for a soft driving experience in an otherwise rough driving condition. Fabric: Extra durable, automotive grade cloth and vinyl materials. Contains UV inhibitors. This seat has been extensively tested under extreme conditions and found to be colorfast. Steel Frame: Extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frame.


Product Specs:

Color Fitment Seat Location Seat Type
Black Direct Fit Rear Stationary Highback

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