Icon Suspension Centerline JK Steering Stabilizer - 22020




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ICON offers their innovative Centerline Steering Stabilizer for the Jeep Wrangler JK featuring an adjustable "Drive Zone" with 9 levels of damping that affects 110 degrees of steering wheel input to the left or right of center. Consistent damping is accomplished with a through-shaft design so you can custom tailor how tight or loose your Jeep handles in the middle of the steering range without the push or pull associated with traditional stabilizers. The ICON Centerline Steering Stabilizer is a high clearance design with a reservoir that can be rotated for fitment on all ICON lift systems as well as most other lift products. This kit is intended for use with a 3-6" lift and will not work on a stock vehicle. A minimum of 1" bump stop spacer is required for adequate clearance. 4.5" kits and taller allow the reservoir of the stabilizer to be rotated straight up above the shock body. 3" kits require the reservoir to be rotated down behind the shock body.

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