Jeep Sway Bar Kit Rear TJ/LJ/YJ Medium GenRight




Product Details

This is the GenRight rear sway bar kit to fit a Jeep TJ, LJ or YJ. These are great to add stability to your lifted or long travel vehicle. Our sway bar is about 30 percent stiffer than other brand Anit-Rock type sway bars and the ends are reinforced for durability off-road.
In fact, this sway bar is so good a front sway bar is not necessary. These sway bars are custom made for GenRight to fit the width of a Jeep frame and survive up to 16 Inch travel shocks (when properly mounted).
This is the type of sway bar that you leave connected all the time, on-road AND off-road.
Our kit includes:

  • 16 Inch long Solid arms
  • 1-1/4 Inch diameter bar
  • 48 Spline
  • CNC machined sway bar bushings
  • Adjustable heims at both ends of the links
  • Tabs to mount the bar on frame (as shown in pictures)
  • Double shear tabs to weld on the axle
  • All the proper mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions and diagrams
  • Made in USA!
  • Unlike other brands, we provide you with all the mounting tabs and brackets, including a 48 Inch long tube to house the main sway bar in for mounting. Then you cut the link tubes to the proper length (to match your lift) and weld in the threaded inserts.
  • Works great with stock coil springs, lifted suspensions or our Coil over shock conversions kits and even leaf springs! It can be mounted forward of the axle as pictured or behind the axle over the rear of the gas tank.
  • Front sway bars are available too (SWB1001)!

This kit requires drilling, cutting and welding to properly mount it.
We now offer 3 different Spring Rates, please choose spring rate at time of purchase.
The STIFF spring rate is equal to our original InchHollow Inch sway bar rate.

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