Jeep TJ Dana 44 Front Axle Truss System Motobilt




Product Details

The Motobilt Jeep TJ Dana 44 front axle truss system was designed to strengthen your front axle and be used with a triangulated 3 or 4 link suspension. Not for your factory suspension brackets. The low profile design utilizes a flat surface for your link mounts.
3/8 inch thick truss that is laser cut and and cnc bent for an exact fit. Strongest truss on the market!

  • Jeep TJ Dana 44 front axle truss system
  • Exact fit for the TJ Dana 44 front and Not a universal design
  • Truss works with your factory coil spring mounts.
  • Truss uses integrated 3/8 inch thick main support plates and 3/16 inch thick bracing
  • Low profile design allows for proper link geometry
  • Sold as kit


  • The truss system requires general welding and fabrication skills
  • Welding should completed by a competent welder
  • Motobilt does not warranty or imply any guarantees and is not liable for improper installation
  • Grinding and fitment may be necessary for installation
  • Axle assemblies can vary and may require some fabrication

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