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Yukon 4340 Chrome-Moly Inner Axle Shafts for Dana 60

YA W48216

$105.00 $131.59


Product Details


Yukon 4340 Chrome-Moly replacement outer stub for Dana 60 Model.

Yukon Gear & Axle offers an extensive line of general replacement and high performance axles for passenger car, truck, and SUV applications. Yukon Gear & Axle front stub axles feature high-quality alloys and the latest in heat-treating technologies to provide extra strength axles for off-road, street, and track use. They are direct-fit replacements and are available for a variety of popular axles.  4340 Chrome-Moly stub axles are up to 50 percent stronger than other aftermarket axles.

These axles use 1480 U Joints (Click Here)




Vehicle Fitment:


  • YA W48216 '78-'79 Ford Length 34.56"
  • YA W48206 '78-'79 Ford Length 18.7"
  • YA W48212 '85-'88 Ford Length 36.68"
  • YA W48202 '85-'88 Ford Length 15.96"
  • YA W48214 '88.5-'97 Ford Length 36.97"
  • YA W48204 '88.5-'97 Ford 60 Length 16.17"

Dodge / GM

  • YA W48210 '77-'91.5 GM & Dodge '79-'93 Length 35.1"
  • YA W48208 '77-'91.5 GM Length 17.67"
  • YA W48202 '75-'93 Dodge Length 15.96" Right Hand Side

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